3D Printer Era in Jewelery

3D Printer Era in Jewelery

Thanks to the innovations brought by technology, one of the most important areas where differences are seen in production techniques is jewelry. Thanks to the 3D printer, the process has become very easy in this area, where the production and design processes have changed in size. It is necessary to take a look at what kind of changes are opening the door to 3D printers, which facilitate the business of both customers and vendors.

With the 3D printer, which is one of the latest technologies discovered by mankind with the aim of quality production processes, the design process is facilitated by the 3D printer, while the prototype is produced and the door is opened to higher quality sales processes with less cost. Uniway Optronix DLP 3D is one of the options that contributes to jewelers by using it extensively in this regard!

Prototype Process

In sectors where design and production processes are important, a lot of experimentation is made while creating a new model. A part of the product is changed or the product is revised from the beginning to create a new model. In this case, it does not make sense to carry out the process with gold or other precious metals.

Uniway Optronix DLP 3D becomes a product that contributes to the design and prototype processes with its valuable options. The only difference of these designs, which do not differ visually from the real product, is not used for use, but for perfecting the material to be used. You can open the door to a flawless adventure with the 3D printer with Uniway Optronix DLP 3D.

Design Process with 3D Printer

Creating new designs and models are one of the most important issues for the jewelry industry.

However, the realization of every new design with gold means both cost and a serious workload. It is used by jewelers who want to use simpler methods by removing this burden because of 3D printing and modeling technique. Thanks to the 3D modeling used in the design process, it is seen that not only costs are reduced but also faster results can be obtained. In this way, instead of waiting days for a new design, it is possible to concretize the design in minutes. The success of the process is ensured by the use of castable resin in this area where even the finest details can be realized perfectly.

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