About Us

Uniway 3D Technologies is a technology company which designs and manufactures hi-tech 3D printers, especially for the jewellery manufacturing industry. Since the day it was established, it has focused only on the jewellery industry, aiming to ensure that 3D printing technology is used much more widely and efficiently in the sector. Thanks to our 3d printing technology with a combination of our software innovations, we offer high speed, precise, and productive 3D printers for our customers.

Uniway 3D Technologies, has a foresight that the wax injection system will be replaced by 3D printers for direct casting or even replacing fastly. With that vision, our highly classified engineer team working on the technology of future.

Our Missions

  • To make the developments that will make the new ideas come true.
  • To give our customers solutions which make them more competitive.
  • To reduce the manufacturing costs without losing quality.
  • To increase the usage of 3D technology with a wide range of products.
  • To make continuous developments for the better.