Uniway DLP 3D Printers –  Quality – Speed – Precision

The important thing for manufacturers is to achieve a cleaner, less labor-intensive results in a shorter period of time. Uniway DLP 3D printers are developed to meet these expectations. Corners and edges of the products you get with Uniway 3D DLP printers will be very clear, sharp, and the surface quality of round form models will be better than you have ever encountered. Accuracy in details and  0.2% of print tolerance.

Printing speed in Uniway DLP 3D printers can reach up to 30 mm per hour. For a fully loaded A5 3D DLP printer Platform consisting of 145 rings with 26 mm height together with the support elements. The printing process was completed within 60 minutes. So, 65% of customers place an order for the second machine before the end of the first year.


Castability – Stone Setting – Cost

Based on the feedback has received from both casting-houses and manufacturers who do the casting in their own foundries, the best resin, for both stone-setting and casting, in the market is; Uniway resin has easy and fast stone setting ability.

The issue of setting stones on the resin is not a problem at all in Uniway printing technologies. The reason for this is that there is zero loss of dimension between the design obtained in the computer environment and the product from Uniway thanks to the working principle that applied. Since UV light source is positioned on top and the build platform is down, UV light is reflected directly on the resin. There is no glass or silicone-like intermediate material between UV light and the resin. In this way, you can obtain the same size, same quality, and same weight product on the whole printing platform. This allows the same size of stones to be set on all pieces. On the other hand, Uniway resin has the highest wax content in the market.


High Wax Rate

Supports and the basements to hold the parts on the platform usually remain as waste material and cannot be recycled. Resin – Product Weights: 1.015 gr – 11.67 gr (14K)


On Uniway DLP 3D print technologies, the products on the DLP 3D printers printing platform come outstanding on the platform, not hanging. In systems that are working with the bottom-up principle, the products tend to fall down due to their weight. The vacuum effect between the printing platform and the resin chamber makes it difficult for the products to hold on to the platform. For these reasons, thicker support elements and solid basements are made. The working principle we apply eliminates all these disadvantages and offers an important advantage. With the principle of top-down operation, the supports in the drawings are made as thin as 10 microns. The part basements are not solid but hollow and the amount of resin used is dramatically reduced. Part-Waste Ratio: 3/1


Precise Printing Capability

The ratio of the product obtained from 1 liter of liquid resin, without support elements and part basements, is about 50% on average. This ratio is the amount of waste resin that is also reflected in the product obtained in the final stage. In this state, from 1 liter of resin; 4,5- 5 kg for 14K / 5,5- 6 kg for 18K / 6,5- 7 kg for 21K  of the final product is obtained.


Another issue affecting the operational cost is spare parts. Fully filled metal resin tanks are used in Uniway DLP 3D printing machines. Since the UV light is positioned at the top and the printing platform moves downward in the full resin tank in each layer. There is no resin tank change. The operational cost of Uniway 3D DLP printers is very low compared to their competitors in the market, due to the low cost of consumables and no need for spare parts.