Jewelry Manufacturing – A5 NSP Works While You Are Asleep!

While the impact of additive manufacturing technologies in jewelry production is increasing day by day. The need for personnel increases at the same rate in this high-tech and sensitive production method.

UNİWAY 3D printing technologies stand out with their flexible material and operations that can be easily managed without the need for qualified personnel. At this stage, the days, and hours when the offices are closed are also important to prepare for the next day, and off-hours work allows companies to step forward.

UNİWAY EXJET A5 NSP, which is born out of this need will give a great advantage to jewelry manufacturers with its capacity to print more than 30 in a row 24/7. With its robot module integrated into its body and unique software.

NSP – Non-Stop Printing – carries the print platform with its robust mechanical structure to the stripping module. Removing the products from the top of the platform with the help of a knife-like structure and sending them to the basket at the bottom. It then places the cleaned printing platform back in the printing area and starts the next printing process.

During these automated operations, you can pull out the basket and retrieve the products. NSP will allow you to prepare existing orders long before the promised dates by working during the off-hours. Due to the possibility of high-volume jewelry manufacturing with non-stop working capacity and the fact that a staff member is not needed during the operation.    Uniway ExJet A5 NSP

JetCast 1000 resin with excellent casting performance and flexible stone-setting structure along with UNİWARE software that offers file repair and support/slice tools.     jewel ry manufacturing

UNİWAY A5 NSP 3D printers offer;
  • Capacity to work non-stop for days
  • Large printing table – 220 x 140 mm –
  • Robotic Cleaning Module
  • High-Resolution Projector