3D printing

One of the most important stages of production with the development of technology is the 3D printing stage. The first step of the realization of an idea. However, 3D DLP printers are not more than robots that convert the virtual model prepared in the computer environment into reality regardless of any problems of the model.  3D print  3D print

3D model is a representation of the real product prepared in a computer environment. This model goes through various processes and stages while preparing for printing. The priority of the programs used to create models is design and they are equipped with tools and commands to reveal the design. However, the model prepared before 3D printing must first be mesh, so the file format will be STL.      3D printing 

The need to use many different software from the very beginning to prepare a model for 3D print causes astronomical investment costs. To sort out;

  • 3D Design
  • File Repair (UNİWARE)
  • Structural Support and Runner Design (UNİWARE)
  • Positioning and Slicing on the Print Platform (UNİWARE)
  • Loading to the Machine (Machines own programs)

Uniway offers solutions integrated with a strategy of continuous innovation with a focus on customer satisfaction. Uniway 3D DLP printers provide the best solution, with their groundbreaking working principle and the highest resolution  3D DLP printer in the market. In addition to Uniway resin products with high wax rate and stone setting and casting capabilities. Uniway users will set the bar with the UNİWARE software. 3D print

Uniware is a very comprehensive 3D print preparation program, where you can do all the stages of the files after the design;

  • You will be able to repair the STL format mesh geometries that you export from 3D design programs without the need for any other software.
  • After the repair process, you will be able to quickly adjust the casting paths and supports of the models in the platform area. It comes ready according to the Uniway 3D DLP printer you have, both automatically and manually. Without waiting, and you will be able to arrange the whole 3D printing table automatically with a single click.      3D printing 
  • You will be able to slice all the products on the platform at once. Send them to your 3D DLP printer without the need for another program