3D resin printers

Uniway 3D Resin Printers: Smooth Prints, Finer Designs, and Easier Processing

We know that your printer performance plays a big role: any difference between the CAD model, the printed pattern, and the raw casting means extra work at the bench.

Ultra Smooth Prints

Smooth prints are essential for smooth castings. Uniway 3D resin printers prints jewelry patterns with exquisitely smooth surfaces. When your parts require less grinding and polishing, you don’t just save time: the quality of your jewelry improves. Sharp corners stay sharper, reflective surfaces become more eye-catching.

Most stereolithography printers (SLA printers) use relatively simple peel systems to separate the print from the tank between layers. This tends to move and strain parts at a small scale, causing layers to appear whenever they are misaligned.

The Uniway 3D resin printers achieve smoother surfaces thanks to the working principle of Uniway 3D resin printers high-resolution UV light is projected directly to the liquid resin without glass or transparent plexiglass between the light source and the resin. Direct projection of the UV light avoids refraction and creates very high dimensional accuracy.

The non-refracting UV light provides manufacturers with the ability to produce extraordinary high surface quality and high accuracy down to 0.10 mm thickness.

Finer Designs, Easier Processing

Supports are a necessary part of resin 3D printing, and we know that support removal has a real impact on your work: supports can obscure detail, create pits from removal, and even damage very delicate models, limiting what you can create.

The Uniway 3D resin printers make support removal easier and safer, by shrinking the “touchpoint” interface between the support.

Production Ready

In a production shop, you need to know that you will produce consistently accurate parts. Unexpected changes in the weight and size of 3D printed patterns can cause significant overrun in the amount of valuable cast material per part and adds cost to finishing labor.

Future-Proof Jewelry Printing

Uniway is known for its industry-leading ease of use and simplicity. With Uniway 3D resin printers, we are delivering uncompromising, professional-grade print quality to jewelers.

We believe jewelry 3D printing should be so easy that you don’t have to think about it, except to be amazed at what you’ve created. To get you there, Uniway is renewing our commitment to jewelers, through continued material development and a laser focus on product reliability.

Request a castable wax sample part printed on the Uniway 3D resin printers and see the Uniway quality firsthand.