ExJet A5

Uniway Optronix ExJet A5 3D printer offers high productivity with its 220x140 mm platform size and up to 20 mm/h printing speed.

Thanks to its special design, Uniway ExJet A5 doesn’t have any consumable costs except for resin. Robust construction lets it run 24/7 non-stop. Special movable resin tank grants easy filtering of the resin when needed. The automatic mixer implemented to the bottom of the resin tank guarantees the continuous homogenization of the resin.


  • Print Platform Size: 220×140 mm
  • Z resolution: 25 μm
  • XY resolution: 21 μm
  • Print Speed: up to 20 mm/hour
  • Communication: Ethernet
  • Electrical Spec: 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 750W
  • File Type: SLC/Pack/SPack
  • Accessories: UV Curing, Water Chiller, Accessories Box
  • Dimension: 850x660x1780 mm

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