ExJet A5

Uniway ExJet A5 3D printer offers high productivity with its 220x140 mm platform size and up to 20 mm/h printing speed.

ExJet A5 widely preferred by medium and large sized enterprises which is offering a much smoother surface quality with the advanced printing technique. With its 220×140 mm projection area, 100 mm printing height, and up to 20 mm/hour printing speed, it is very suitable for both chain manufacturers and bracelet production. With its strong structure suitable for continuous production, it provides fast return of investment with reasonable initial cost.


  • Print Platform Size: 220×140 mm
  • Z resolution: 25 μm
  • XY resolution: 21 μm
  • Print Speed: up to 20 mm/hour
  • Communication: Ethernet
  • Electrical Spec: 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 750W
  • File Type: SLC/Pack/SPack
  • Accessories: UV Curing, Water Chiller, Accessories Box
  • Dimension: 850x660x1780 mm

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