X JET A6Lower Cost - Same Quality

The compact design and 160 x 90 mm platform size of the new Uniway Optronix A6 Q Plus, let the small Jewellery manufacturers aslo benefit from the leading 3D printing technology of Uniway Optronix.

The compact design of the Exjet A6 enables to be fit in any small production hall. Exjet A6 has high precision and surface quality outputs and offers up to 27 mm/h printing speed. With that specification in addition to its low investment costs, it will be the best option for small and medium size manufacturers.


  • Print Platform Size: 160x90x70 mm
  • XY Resolution: 20 micron
  • Z resolution: 25 micron
  • Print Speed: 27mm/hour
  • Communication: Ethernet
  • Electrical Spec: 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 400W
  • File Type: STL/SLC
  • Accessories: UV Curing
  • Dimension: 650x550x1350 mm

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